We could make :

Meizu 16
Meizu 16 plus
Meizu 15 / U15
Meizu 15 plus / U15 plus
Meizu M15 / 15 Lite
Meizu 6T
MX5 pro
MX4 pro
Meizu M6 note
Meizu M5 note
Meizu M3 note
Meizu 6 / M6
Meizu 5 / M5
Meizu 5s / M5s
Meizu 5C / A5
Meizu 3 / M3
Meizu 3S
Meizu 2 / M2
Meizu Pro7
Meizu Pro7 plus
Meizu Pro6
Meizu Pro6 plus / M686
Meizu note6
Meizu note5
Meizu note3
Meizu note2
Meizu note 5.5寸
Meizu U20
Meizu U10
Meizu S6
Meizu E3
Meizu E2
Meizu E
Meizu Metal / M57a
Meizu  5.0"
Meizu  4.7"
Meizu X

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  • The blank soft tpu phone case with white coating ,could be directly printed any picture on by the eco solvent printer ,UV printer and other printing machine .

  • We supply most models of blank soft phone cases for custom printing .

Products  :

Printable phone cases

Printable pop sockets

Customize printing service


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